FAQ for SEO Services

While you are certainly free to contact us with any questions you have, here are some of the questions we encounter during our day-to-day operations. If you have any questions or concerns about the process of purchasing SEO Services for your website, take a look at this FAQ first. For Web traffic FAQ please click.

1. How your methods work?

We concentrate on the most profitable and fastest results for your business. We try to make so that from the 2nd month you could pay for our work from the additional revenues thanks to us. That’s why we provide full package of services and we are not worried by guaranteeing result and refund.

2. Do you offer a full report when you are done?

Yes, we offer a full report of everything when we complete your order and order systems sends you an email when we start processing, update, or complete your order.

3. When should i expect to see results?

It’s always different dates, but ordinary between 2 weeks and 2 months.

4. What does 7-days trial include?

It include several link building reports, also bad links research and disavow for your site and many many more free bonuses.

5. What will happen if i cancel my subscription?

Nothing terrible, we will just stop making our job, but you will keep all goals achieved.

Do you support adult/foreign language type sites? What do you recommend for that?

Sometimes yes, but sometimes nope, contact us if you have such site.

6. What do these urls/keywords/etc. Fields mean?

Keywords: this is the anchor text of the link you’d like to promote. For example, if you would like to rank highly for “home furniture”, you’d put “home furniture”

Urls: this is the link address that you want to see in google top, links for each package should be from one site, or as exception they can be from diferent sites but one topic.

7. Do you allow more than one urls & keywords per order? What do i do if i want to rotate keywords?

Of course this is possible. If you have special requests, you always can specify this in the order or contact our support.

8. Do you accept keyword diversity and do you use such keywords as click here, url, this site, good site etc.?

Of course, at the moment usу of one keyword can be the reason of negative effect, that’s why we always use keyword diversity to make your movement looks natural & organic.

9. Do you make full package monthly or it’s drip feed?

The full package is made within 6 months, at our discretion we can add or change the package with informing you about this by mail.

10. How many keywords should i promote with my campaign?

As many as you want, if you are in trouble with this, just write in order details and we will research keywords by ourselves.

11. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept paypal.

12. Do you have discounts for bulk orders? How does that work?

Yes we have, you should contact our support team and we will give you special price or custom package.

13. What if i want to change my order details after i’ve submitted my orders?

Hm..it happens, contact us – we’re sure we will find how make it better and won’t affect marketing results.

14. Where can i find the report?

Every report we sent to your mail.

15. Do you really offer money back guarantee if my site won’t rank?

Sure, for money back just write to support and ask for it.

16. What should i do to get moneyback?

Write to support and describe your trouble. If you ask for money back with no reason – well refund you the last payment. If your site haven’t got in top 10 and you want to get refund under warranty, then write us and we’ll refund the total amount you have spent.